Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Still no card

I have started my new job this week and although it is lovely to be home at a decent hour and feel as though I have had some time with my family rather than falling through the door at 7 or 8, getting tea and then going to bed. The down side of this is that I am really tired as I have to get up at 5.20a.m. I'm sure that I will get used to this early start and once I have finished my supernumery period I will be doing lates as well as earlies so won't have to get up quite so early every day of the week. There will hopefully some creative time this weekend so I will post whatever I manage to create and may even be able to enter a challenge or two.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kietha. I work in a newsagent which means getting up at 5.30 in the mornings. You'll soon get used to it as the mornings are getting lighter. The prospect of this double clock forward thing fills me with horror for the autumn/ winter season. OK for the 9-5 brigade, but not us. xx